In this year’s MVFW, Tommy Hilfiger has released a space where users can come together in the iconic TH store and purchase wearables or even take part in a puzzle mini-game which puts a player’s problem-solving skills to the test, we decided to try it out, and here’s what we found:

Key takeways:

  • Lounge: The title of people’s place gives users a sense of community where they can come together and socialize whilst taking part in an exciting mini-game. This provides customers with a place to call their own, quickly building a sense of comfort knowing that this location is designed for specifically for them.
  • The Puzzle: The puzzle serves as a problem-solving game that puts visitors of Tommy Hilfiger’s store to the test. Users who enter the people’s place will be tasked with finding 7 different pieces to a puzzle, which must be used to complete the puzzle. Users who have a Web3 wallet connected to their Decentraland account will receive exclusive rewards upon the completion of the puzzle quest.

What could be improved:

  • The people’s lounge mini-game area is quite condensed, which results in the lounge feeling crowded quite quickly if a lot of avatars spawn into the lot.
  • The mini-game itself is quite simplistic, and not all that exciting since all the puzzle pieces are floating around users. These pieces can be picked up only by walking, without any search required.

Overall, the minigame has an interesting premise, with a theme of Tommy Hilfiger’s people’s place being highlighted in order to provide users in the Metaverse a space that is designed for socializing and coming together to enjoy music, art and fashion. There is still a large part of the lounge that seems to be covered up, which will perhaps be revealed later on.

The lounge has just opened up today, have you tried it out?