Nike’s campaign Move to Zero is utilizing AR to create 3D immersive experiences in order to raise awareness and drive sustainability commitments. Nike’s commitment towards sustainability is promoted through the use of this technology, aiding the brand on its journey towards zero carbon & zero waste to protect the future of the sports industry.

What role does AR play in Nike’s campaign?

  • Experience: Customers will be able to learn about Nike’s history of sustainability in a new and immersive way, leaving a lasting impression as a result of the visuals the experience is made up of.


  • Engagement: utilizing storytelling to resonate with consumers will let Nike bring their journey for sustainability to life in a user’s environment regardless of where they are. They will experience Nike’s journey in a creative way that takes customers outside the box.


  • Understanding: The use of AR will allow customers to better understand the brand’s journey in a visual manner and gain knowledge of what the brand is trying to achieve. This understanding could in turn lead to a growing trust in the brand and its initiative.


Integrating AR into brand experiences has benefits which includes:

  • Enhanced shopping experiences: Using AR with marketing strategies increases positive engagement for the brand.


  • Bridging digital and physical: AR allows customers to have more satisfaction with a brand by purchasing a physical product to receive a virtual experience.

Adding this into a cause like that of raising awareness for the future of sustainability, it leads to a good strategy for the brand.

The initiative leaves a reminder of Nike’s efforts to live the charge in finding new and innovative ways to achieve their goal of sustainability. It is yet to be seen how other brands continue to use AR in order to create experiences that will drive engagement with their consumers in ways such as this.