According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Apple is actively developing and AI too to directly challenge tech giants like OpenAI and Google. Within Apple, engineers have internally referred to their chatbot project as “Apple GPT.” The company is currently devising a strategy for releasing this technology to consumers, with plans for a significant AI-related announcement next year as concrete plans for making the technology available to the public are currently lacking.

Unlike its counterparts, such as Meta, Microsoft, and Google, which swiftly introduced their generative AI products to both businesses and the general public, Apple has been notably absent in this regard. Apple went as far as prohibiting its employees from utilizing ChatGPT.

However, according to Bloomberg, engineers have been using an internally operated chatbot powered by Ajax, specifically designed to create large language models, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Interestingly, Ajax operates on Google Cloud and was developed using Google JAX, the machine learning framework from the search giant. By leveraging Ajax, Apple aims to create its own large language models, forming the basis for their internal ChatGPT-style tool.

While Apple’s specific intentions in the AI domain remain uncertain, the story may be a completely other one next year.

To be continued…