As technology grows, the consumers needs keep evolving, and a brand has to keep pace with the changes. AR [augmented reality] is one of the most popular trends used in sales and marketing strategies. It helps brands provide their customers with unique experiences by tapping into their smartphones. 

Smartphones have become the most vital media type using which consumers interact with brands and decide on which product to purchase. Augmented reality companies in Dubai offer a brand a fantastic tool for driving sales and improving brand value. 

Allow consumers to try before they purchase

Prospective clients prefer to try out products before purchasing them which is possible with Augmented Reality. Cosmetics, fitting rooms, automobile test drives, and many others testify to this efficient marketing strategy. AR shopping experiences are among the rising trends, especially in the retail industry. Potential clients can model and sample clothing items, makeup, and a wide variety of home-related products without interacting with them directly. AR wipes out the requirement for a physical inventory to let consumers sample or try on numerous items while they seek the one that best suits their requirements. 

Augment branding materials

Augmented Reality companies in Dubai can help take branding materials such as brochures and business cards to the next stage by including a virtual component. Consumers can scan printed information with their smartphones to gain access to various features, thus offering them more information and approaches to get in touch with the brand.

For example, a consumer can scan a catalogue to open an online video that highlights certain aspects of the information, thus bringing a lively component to the static text on the catalogue. On the other hand, a business card can utilise AR to offer a diversity of contact alternatives that permit the customer to contact the brand in just one click, whether through a phone call, email, or LinkedIn. 


Customers are more familiar with new technologies and their expectations are increasing accordingly when it comes to their retail purchase experience. Brands who used AR have witnessed the impact of AR on their sales. Augmented Reality companies in Dubai can offer great AR solutions and concepts to your brand regarding customisation options.