To augment their offerings, airlines around the world are turning to the #Metaverse as the #aviation industry is picking up pace in the virtual worlds. Let’s have a closer look:

#UAE‘s major local carriers have all taken the lead to jump into the Metaverse. Emirates, one of the Metaverses the most awaited, announced an investment of $10 millions while Etihad launched its first #nfts collectibles “EY-ZERO1”. Dubai Airport Freezone – DAFZ also joined the movement with their very own #METADAFZ and Roads and Transport Authority announced a digital twin of the metro. When the whole ecosystem is in symbiose, every player will benefit from such journey in the virtual worlds.  

Qatar Airways has already launched its own virtual world with #QVerse where users can visit the cabins, and even the Hamad International Airport in the simulation of a boarding experience – one of the first to enter the “try, test, adjust, repeat” process before anyone else.

American Airlines also made the move into the Metaverse opting for a very realistic format that reflects their brand, and real-life experiences, while offering that to others who might not have a chance to try their product. 

Low-cost carrier Vueling Airlines  plans to offer passengers the opportunity to visualise their travels and track carbon emissions and book “carbon positive” transportation through the metaverse.

Airbus has confirmed its interest in exploring the future in air travel in the Metaverse by launching a competition which gathered 60 applicants. Boeing‘s “plane of the future” will take shape in the Metaverse in a move that could revolutionize its design through digital replicas and production process. 

Other airlines have made public their interest Singapore Airlines 🇸🇬 Lufthansa 🇩🇪 

💥 So, how can the Metaverse enhance the passenger experience?  

✈ Explore signature brand experiences all-in-one  

✈ Access to places usually not accessible, while socializing with staff and passengers

✈ Visualize and plan full trips, on and off plane

✈Participate to product/service co-creation

💥 On the other hand, internal organizations benefits are numerous. Airlines intend to bring together services, design, and production into a unified digital manufacturing system to then run tests & simulations on the digital twin of the product. Without counting the potential to run full training and hiring inside the Metaverse. 

An industry to follow closely…