As part of their Metaverse strategy, big brands like Ubisoftadidas and Gucciare buying virtual lands in the Metaverse, but why invest in something that’s practically intangible? To answer this question, let’s first peek into the main Metaverse platforms to find out where the virtual market🏡 stands:

📌 Decentraland

Ever since its inception, Decentraland has been a center of opportunity for users, who have complete control over the platform’s 
ecosystem. The price of property have risen since 2021, now selling for an average of $3,000. 

📌The Sandbox

The sandbox holds 62% of all available land in the metaverse, home to many large brands such as Ubisoft and Warner Music, who have 
bought land on the platform, even celebrities like Snoop Dogg have got their own real estate in the Sandbox now! In fact, because big brands buyers, an increased interest in the platform is noticeable. 


This real estate video game is a leading blockchain Metaverse designed to rebuild the world, heavily inspired by the Monopoly game, having expanded to new cities and reporting up to 2.5 million registered users.

📈 These are some pretty big numbers, but how exactly do corporations benefit from virtual real estate?

🔥 The market-size, with thousands of daily active users allow brands to reach many potential consumers from all over the world, who will be able to visit their property and view products and services.

👨‍💻 Establishing a presence in the digital world, with active ground for marketing operations and day-to-day activities.

🏦 Purchasing a location with heavy traffic has the potential to reel in big investors, which could bring additional value to advertisers and retailers. 

💎 Property Showcasing that allows potential buyers to witness their “dream house” in a virtual environment.

🗣 The ability to create immersive experiences that can be beneficial for advertising, socializing and entertainment purposes. 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Interaction with audience through user-generated content and community building, regardless of their location.

What’s you take on the virtual real estate? Would/Did you buy a property?