There has been speculation regarding the nature of platforms such as Roblox on whether it is a part of the Metaverse. The Metaverse itself is a shared virtual world that involves the following characteristics:

Social Interaction: Users are provided a new space to socialize with friends and join communities in the virtual world.

Boundless: The Metaverse is designed to be a boundless 3D digital world with various opportunities.

Persistence: there is no off button, the Metaverse is available no matter the time or place.

User-Generated: Creators can build experiences and content for others to take part and engage in.

Immersive: 3D experiences are brought to life by creators in the Metaverse, giving users a chance to witness and engage in unique events.

Hardware Agnostic: Accessible through various different platforms.
So….does Roblox check the boxes that define a Metaverse?

In a nutshell, Roblox is persistent in nature, in that it is always available to users at their convenience. It is a 3D environment where users can interact with each other, shop in the marketplace, with the creator economy able to utilize the Roblox Studio in order to build immersive 3D experiences for other users to play on, garnering a sense of community. The content is easily accessible to all users across various platforms such as Mobile or PC.

💡 The confusion comes to the inclusion of blockchain, but Roblox ticks all the boxes when it comes to a Metaverse platform, thus leading to the conclusion that Roblox is indeed a Metaverse. Regardless of which, more than 50 million users are still active on this platform, and counting.