Microsoft has begun working on integrating a crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) friendly Web3 wallet that can be accessed through the Edge browser. The announcement was made on 17th March 2023 along with screenshots showing the early stages of the new wallet.


  • Through the implementation of a Web3 wallet into its Edge browser, Microsoft will be integrating itself into the growing popularity that surrounds Web3 and the decentralized web. This could allow more users to start using the Edge browser, and position Microsoft as a member of the Web3 ecosystem.

Our Takeaway:

  • The integration of this new wallet could add a new means of accessing cryptocurrency for all those who use the browser, since it will not be an add-on, but an actual part of Microsoft Edge.
  • This in turn could lead to raised awareness of the Web3 ecosystem and cryptocurrency from regular Edge users who will have access to the wallet. 
  • The features of the wallet that have been revealed so far could prove convenient to users for browsing NFTs and having complete control over their funds, since the wallet will be entirely non-custodial.

It is important to note that the integration of this Web3 wallet is still in it’s early stages, and so it is yet to be seen just how well users receive it. Regardless of this, it serves as an indicator that Microsoft is interested in exploring the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

With the recent closure of AltspaceVR, known for its experimental virtual experiences, could it be that Microsoft is shifting it’s priorities to more decentralized applications?