October 23, 2017

Augmented reality is starting to change how people plan for trips. With this technology, end-users can completely immerse themselves in their intended destination so that they know what to expect before they go. Augmented reality or AR has also provided hotels, travel agents, and other providers of tourism services to market their products in a more interactive and immersive manner. If you haven’t explored the possibilities of AR, then it’s time to take advantage of this technology to sell your travel packages or your hotel rooms. 
The Benefits of AR for Travellers
Augmented reality technology is improving every traveller’s experience by making the planning aspect of the journey simpler, more interactive, and much smoother. By using an AR powered app, travellers can find and experience local attractions, translate sign boards and menus in their chosen native language, get information and reviews about nearby locations, locate WI-FI networks, and even check instantaneous weather forecast. Some of the latest iterations make it easy to view augmented reality scenes live, too. It has never been easier to make informed decisions about planning an itinerary.
AR can be made available to mobile devices, so it is easier to access and use even while on the go. It can be helpful when navigating an unfamiliar area, too. Navigation maps that are integrated with AR can help show travellers their way and assist them in planning their routes, so they can avoid running in circles, save time, and make the most out of their holiday.
How the Tourism Industry Can Use AR for Marketing
Accommodation and lodging are among the first factors travellers consider when buying holiday packages. With AR, tourist service providers can allow their clients to take virtual tours of their partner hotels and allow them to explore the amenities on offer, such as the pool, spa, and restaurants. This is a great way to ensure that your clients can make an informed decision when choosing the best accommodation for their travel needs and budget. Augmented reality lets you deliver information about the environment, safety, and other things your clients need to know before you go.
Interested in integrating AR into your marketing mix? Collaborate with a digital agency that can turn your vision into reality. The best ones have worked with many tourism companies in the past and can offer solutions to the unique challenges of this industry.