Walt Disney entered the NFT space with uniquely themed NFTs collections such as Golden Moments, which can only be purchased on Veve. Veve is a mobile application by ECOMI which provides an NFT marketplace for brands such as Marvel, Star Wars and Disney itself.

But how does Disney’s integration into the NFT space benefit the company with regards to growth?

  • Increased awareness: With a widespread organization such as Disney entering the space of NFTs and releasing their very own unique collections, a lot of attraction can arise from potential buyers who are keen to invest or be involved with such a reputable brand.


  • Engagement: Brands such as Marvel and Star Wars being integrated into Disney’s NFT collection allow for large numbers of worldwide fans to engage with Disney’s collection by purchasing their favourite Disney, Star Wars or Marvel characters in the form of NFTs. This in turn will provide Disney with another source of revenue based off the volume of sales.


  • Accessibility: Easier purchases of NFTs can be made, since Veve does not require interested NFT buyers to possess a Web3 wallet. users will be able to hold Disney NFTs without the need to set up a wallet in the first place.


Disney’s adoption of NFTs serves as a landmark for the NFT space, since it’s move will only drive others to follow a similar path and increase the awareness of NFTs even for those who had never heard of the concept beforehand. Disney’s NFT collection also rewards customers who buy their NFTs with Disney+ subscriptions, which could further influence the number of Disney+ subscribers.

What do you think of Disney’s NFT Collection?