Upon receiving the best innovation award at the UK Festival Awards, EXIT, a major music event that utilizes blockchain technology to sell NFT tickets, has entered a multi-year partnership with ticketing platform NFT-TiX for future festivals and events.

Taking this into consideration, how exactly does the partnership enhance the experience of festival attendees?

  • Greater convenience: Using smart contracts, ticket sellers are connected to buyers directly, eliminating any intermediaries. This offers a secure and transparent way to purchase tickets for various events such as music festivals and sports matches, without any hassle in-between.
  • Immersive Experiences: NFT tickets will give holders exclusive experiences such as artist meet-and-greets, access to VIP areas, onstage passes, and even fan clubs made up solely of similar NFT ticket holders.
  • Unique Benefits: Festivalgoers will not only receive admission to the event, but also a one-of-a-kind digital asset allowing each ticket to carry a unique and immutable ticket that will guarantee entry. Long-term solutions against fraud, reselling and secondary markets are also available through the platform.

For the upcoming edition of EXIT Festival, ten never before seen ultra VIP humanitarian NFT tickets will be available alongside regular NFT tickets, which grants ticket-holders the chance to enjoy a personal host and ensure a seamless festival experience.

The partnership between NFT-TiX and Exit Festival provides a good example of the innovative solutions that the ticket industry requires in order to meet the demands of attendees in today’s events. This method of ticketing marks the next step for the future of the festival industry, as well as an effective contribution to the expansion of the NFT music community.

As the EXIT festival continues it’s innovation, the partnership with NFT-TiX will continue to create a lasting impact on both the festival and NFT worlds.