Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) is still going, and we just tried the experience by Coach, an American luxury fashion house specializing in leather bags has set up an establishment in the MVFW which features an experience focused around it’s handbag Tabby. Here are our impressions:

What worked Great:

Mini-game: A parkour-styled mini-game that involves the collection of handbags scattered throughout the experience. The handbags can be found on different levels of the location, requiring the user to navigate through a series of floating rings in order to collect them.

Free items for users: Users who enter the experience will be granted a free emote and wearable, allowing them to receive an instant reward just from entering the disco area and taking part in the minigames.

Real-world Integration: Once the minigame has been completed, and the disco ball has been lit up, users are given the option to bring their swirl item into the real world by downloading the Zero10 app and scanning a QR code.

What could be improved:

Visibility of the circle platforms for the minigame can challenging as a result of the patterns on the walls, which can make completing the mini game a bit difficult.

Overall, the experience is well thought-out, especially with regards to it’s focus on drawing attention to the Tabby handbag, since the entire experience is based around such. The guaranteed feature of users gaining free items from merely entering the handbag is an effective strategy for bringing visitors into Coach’s experience.