Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) has one more day to go, and so we decided to share our overall thoughts on the experience after visiting different stores and witnessing the sights, products, and activities that they had to offer. Here’s our takeaway:

What we liked:

  • Additional Experiences: Some brands that have established locations in the MVFW have included mini-games to their shopping experiences. This additional feature allowed for a more immersive journey across the MVFW allowing visitors to not only shop, but take part in games designed by the brand.
  • Avatars: Having come across many users attending the MVFW in stylish and unique outfits, the sense of diversity in avatar appearance is created after witnessing many eye-catching accessories that give each avatar a personality of their own.
  • Gifts and Rewards: When mini-games are completed, users will be granted rewards in the form of collectibles or emotes. This serves as motivation to play and complete minigames, driving engagement since there is a guarantee that rewards will be given in return for finishing the game.
  • Runway: The opportunity to see various fashion styles and become inspired whilst showcasing unique outfits is a unique trait for the MVFW. A sense of community is created since users have the chance to show off looks or give and receive compliments.

What could be improved:

  • Stores do not always fully load, leaving empty plots of land in the place of where the brand establishment should be.
  • Not all experiences go beyond that of shopping, it takes some time venturing throughout the MVFW to be able to find a store that features a mini-game option or a lounge that users can gather in to socialize.
  • Whilst exploring the MVFW, there are times where lagging was experienced as the surrounding area began to rez in.

Despite this, the MVFW 2023 has been a solid experience so far, with many creative store designs and eye-catching clothing items. Several unique looking avatars add a sense of diversity and creativity to the experience, with establishments for socializing and showing off to ensure a fun time all around. More features are yet to come, and with one more day of the MVFW left, it remains to be seen how the event comes to a grand close.